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Is the crushed limestone dense enough to support a 1" road tyre?
posted Feb 7 2018 8:15AM - MB, Albuquerque

On the Katy, not sure about the RIT:
In most places, yes. If you ride in the track.

Although, the surface can vary as you get out of the track or at different locations along the trail. A wider tire may be more desirable and require less attention, but you can wipe out with any tire width when you're distracted.
posted Feb 7 2018 10:11AM - Anonymous

I have ridden it for years with 32's. Last year I switched to supple sidewall 38's. They are very nice. Met someone one summer who was riding 23's. He was not having fun. Let a bit of air out of your tires. Someone I know says he always drops the tires about 10 psi for the trail.
posted Feb 7 2018 11:26AM - Anonymous

If your tyres are labeled 1" then they are probably 27" rather than the now more common 700c. Go to a 1 1/4". There are some nice 27" tyres available. Check out Pasela Tourguard or Continental Gatorskin.
posted Feb 7 2018 3:24PM - Anonymous

A lot depends on the combination of your weight and the bike. I've ridden 700x25s (which is about 1") on the Katy and didn't really like it. My touring bike has 700x32s which works find for me at 215 lbs for me and another 35 lbs for the bike.

Someone posted going to 27x1 1/4" tires. That would make a lot of sense.
posted Feb 7 2018 7:03PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

I Rode a section outside of Linn, sorry don't remember where exactly at Thanksgiving on 28mm tires unloaded, it was dry. No problem, I would think that wet surface would be a different story.
posted Feb 17 2018 6:54AM - OregonTraveler, The Dalles

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