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Jon from St. Louis on 8/5/2019 10:03:28 AM:
Would love to know the best starting point for a great relaxing ride? We just want to have a great experience and see some sites.

Jon from St. Louis on 8/5/2019 10:28:39 AM:
Looking for 12 mile or 24 mile round

Anonymous on 8/5/2019 3:56:28 PM:
The Trip Planner is probably your best bet. What makes for a relaxing ride is knowing it's not too hot, I have plenty of water, something to snack on, the bike is in great shape with no known issues, knowing that I have the ability to make trailside repairs and have the equipment with me to do so, the trail is smooth with few obstacles, other riders are friendly, the birds are singing, and so on and so on. Those are the things that add up to a great experience for me. It may be different for you??

Jerry Whittle from Belleville IL on 8/6/2019 10:27:05 AM:
As you are from St. Louis, I recommend starting in either Augusta or Defiance and riding east. St. Charles riding west is OK but the first few miles aren't all that scenic.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/6/2019 11:06:49 AM:
I think I'd drive to Defiance, and then head west. Have a little lunch out there somewhere, and head back east. Then have a lil' snack in Defiance, and head home.

Tyann (Bank Haus and Katy Haus) from Marthasville on 8/6/2019 12:53:30 PM:
One of our favorite rides is starting in Marthasville and going west. You get to go through a tunnel, see Peers Store, cross several types of bridges, and once you hit 10 miles west, you are riding next to the Missouri River. When you get back from your ride, have pizza at Philly's Pizza.

WMDC from St Louis on 8/11/2019 6:54:40 PM:
Yep, I agree starting at Marthasville (mm 78) and heading west is pretty, quiet and with far fewer people than the portions of the KATY closer to St Charles. At Mckittrick (mm 101) you can easily head over the bridge to Hermann or stop at the little grocery store on Hwy 19 just off of the KATY. An out and back from Marthasville to McKittrick is about 50 miles and easily doable in a one day outing.

Gamagrass from Columbia on 8/15/2019 7:36:49 PM:
Depending on where you are, Rocheport to Cooper's Landing is all open and nice right now. That is approximately 14 miles one way. Scott Blvd. In Columbia to Rocheport is 12 one way and really nice