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FLOOD CLOSURES: Some sections of the Katy Trail east of Boonville are closed due to flooding. Check MO State Parks website, Trail Conditions Report from trail users, and Katy Trail Forum discussions for the latest details.

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Jharte from Kansas City on 9/10/2019 7:56:45 PM:
Just a quick note before it gets dark! I started my trip at the Pleasant Hill City Lake this morning. I'm planning on updating this forum with trail conditions as I go. From the Pleasant Hill City Lake to Sedalia the trail is very good with no issues. Between MM 240 and 239 the trail was a little loose but other than that, very good condition. Important note: Medford has water!! Woot! I talked to a couple of the Parks Department guys and they just finished installing the water fountain this morning (9/10). Tell everyone! It's dark now, 75 mi day fully loaded. Time for food and a nap. More updates tomorrow. Jharte

GGL from KC, MO on 9/11/2019 2:20:36 PM:
Jharte, thanks for your feedback. My friend and I plan to ride from Clinton to St. Charles on 9/20 and look forward to your comments and input regarding various detours. Thanks, Gary

Jharte from Kansas City on 9/12/2019 1:30:32 PM:
Hello Gary. I got as far as Cooper's Landing in Easley and cut my trip short. The trail is still closed at just East of Booneville (right at Kingsbury Siding). The detour is easy (not too dangerous). The next trail closure is at Mile Marker 181.5 to Rocheport. That closure/detour is very dangerous. There is a long steep hill to climb to get into Rocheport. The road was recently repaved, no shoulder, rumble strips at the edge, and traffic was heavy. A nice gentleman in a black pickup caught up to me 1/3 the way up and gave me a ride into Rocheport. He told me he was recently hit by a car on that road. I've been commuting/bike touring over 40 years. That detour into Rocheport is one of the most dangerous roads I've been on. If you can find a shuttle or some transportation for that stretch, that would make for a much safer/enjoyable trip. Safe travels! Jharte

Allen from Shawnee on 9/13/2019 8:14:03 AM:
Hi there , What time of day did you do the detour to Rocheport. There are so many different descriptions from riders about this detour, ranging from terrifying to no problem. I’m thinking the time of day may be in play. Maybe rush hour is very busy and other times of day aren’t. Sorry you had to cut your trip short. I hope you have better luck next time. Allen

HP from Strafford on 9/13/2019 12:58:35 PM:
I thought the same - maybe time of day or day of the week would matter on the Hwy 40 detour between Boonville and Rocheport since I was seeing varying reports as well. However, I don't think that is the case. I was going through there on a Friday midday, and the road was super busy at that time. The cars are going very fast and there isn't much of a shoulder. We had family close, so we called for a shuttle around the highway detour.