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Reply to Eastbound hike from Sedalia to Jefferson City
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Anthony from Maine on 11/26/2019 9:43:10 AM:
Took Amtrak fronm St. Louis and arrived in Sedalia around 730 pm on Nov.20th. walked to west side of town and stayed at motel. Rained most of the night. Rain ended as I departed the next morning walking back east through town along US 50. Picked up the trail just south of the old Sedalia Depot. Took the detour around the closure. Picked up the trail just before mm 224. Walked to mm 203 pilot Grove. Stayed at the bed and breakfast there. The trail traversed rolling wooded hills and pastures and most of it was quite remote and peaceful. Encountered thousands of birds gathered in a grove of trees near mm 222. Day 2 pilot Grove to Boonville was overcast and cold. Sun did break out occasionally. The trail traversed pastures, crossed I 70 and then entered Boonville. Stayed at Hotel Frederick. Ate at diner across the street. Rain and snow arrived in evening and continued overnight. Day 3 from Boonville to Rocheport started out overcast and chilly. Crossed Missouri River on path next to highway. Passed marker for original town of Franklin destroyed by flood. Trail continues to town of New Franklin which is on a small bluff. Trail continues east through floodplain passing an old abandoned grain elevator. Just past mm 182 is the detour for washed out bridge at the US 40 junction. Detour continues along US 40. Shoulders are very narrow. Not much breathing room.Road goes over bluffs on north side of the river. Arrived in Rocheport and stayed at Schoolhouse bed and breakfast in their dorm room. Ate at the cafe in the general store. Tunnel just west of town was closed, but could be seen from a distance. Weather remained chilly, but sun came out around noontime and wind diminished. The night was cold and frosty but clear. Day 3 Rocheport to Hartsville was very cold at the start but milder as day progressed. Trail followed river with beautiful bluffs close to trail for nearly the entire day. Soon passed the I 70 bridge. Later, passed the Lewis and Clark cave. A spring flows from this cave. Spotted two of the native American petroglyphs in the rocks above the cave. Stopped to snack a bit further down trail. Had a nice chat with bicyclist who owned property nearby. Passed spur trail to Columbia around midday. Many bicyclists using that trail. Arrived at Eagle Bluffs conservation area mid afternoon and climbed the trail to top of the bluff for an amazing view of the entire area. Then on to Coopers landing. Thai food stand was open. Live music. Many people present. Had to press on to get to Hartsville. Rest of the hike was very quiet and peaceful. Barge passed at dusk going up river. Obtained lodging at Globe bed and breakfast. Thankful they were open. Day 4 Hartsville to Jefferson City was a very warm and sunny day with temps just shy of 70 degrees. Trail continued along river with bluffs to the left. The capital bldg came into view between mm 147 and 146. Crossed US hwy. 63. Arrived at spur trail. Additional 3 miles to Jefferson City. The bridge crossing was a spectacular way to end the hike.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville Illinois on 11/26/2019 11:49:25 AM:
Great write-up. Thanks for sharing.

Fran from Detroit on 11/27/2019 10:25:32 AM:
Nice write up, you hiked rather than biked? That's quite a hike.

donnie mcafee from harrogate on 11/28/2019 7:15:30 AM:
Great description of the trail, makes me wanna head for the trail right now but guess I will have to wait until next July. I really did enjoy your post.