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Eddie S. from Paris on 1/11/2020 10:58:49 AM:
Planning to ride the trail last week in April 2020 and have a few questions . First i've been reading about trail closings and bridges being closed. On sections that are closed due to flooding, construction or what ever is the detour clearly marked. Second just how isolated are you? averaging 60 miles per day starting at Clinton are you able to find stores or services easily? I biked across Louisiana last summer with just a med. handlebar bag and a Camelbak.Looks like a solo trip so is a Late April a good time or would you recommend riding later in the year. Too many questions i know but any info at all would be greatly appreciated . You can email if youd like sikesp1961@hotmail.com with suggestions or advice . T

ArkyKenny on 1/11/2020 6:26:32 PM:
1) The detours are minimal and well marked. 2) Late April is as good a time as any. Be prepared for Spring rains. 3) 60 miles a day is good. I recommend trips into Jeff City (another 10 miles), and Columbia (20 miles round trip on the spur from Hindman Junction). Also consider a trip into Herman. 3) Services on the trail in non-peak times and on Mon-Wed can be very limited, but you can always get food and shelter in the towns, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 1/13/2020 11:47:46 AM:
Further to what ArkyKenny said, if you ride 60 miles per day, you will ride through plenty of places to resupply. But, they won't fall exactly where you want. So you might have to stock up, and ride another 15 miles to where you spend the night. "They" say that late April is the rainy season, so be ready for that.