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Reply to Ashley's Rose Resturant in Augusta
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sarah from little rock on 4/2/2005 9:58:25 PM:
We had dinner at this resturant Wednesday night. It was terrible. The food was gross and overpriced and the service was terrible. Save your money.

However, Jeanette at The Globe Hotel in Hartsburg was amazing!! If you're passing through or planning a trip, you need to spend a night in Hartsburg. The Hitching Post has good food and company, the bike shop is friendly, and Jeanette makes these amazing muffins. It was the best experience of our whole trip.

The people in Clinton were really rude the night we spent there. They yelled at us for riding on the shoulder and stared at us while we ate dinner (we weren't even in lycra).

Herman was a great town, though. Everyone was amazingly friendly and nice. The Stonehill Winery Resturant was the best meal that we had. It was expensive, but well worth the $$$. If you plan on treating yourself, this is the place to do it. Great food and great service.

savage24 from KC MO on 4/3/2005 7:20:17 AM:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Ashley's Rose Restuarant. Where did you stay between Hartsburg and Clinton? How was it?

Sarah from Little Rock on 4/3/2005 8:49:54 PM:
We stayed at the Safari Motel in Clinton, the Best Western in Sedalia, and the Comfort Inn in Booneville, which has almost direct access from the trail and a shuttle to the casino. Then we stayed at the Globe Hotel in Hartsburg, which was amazing and the Lindenhof in Augusta. The Lindenhof has nice rooms, a hot tub, jacuzzi's in the rooms, walking access to the winery and brewery, and a tasty stuffed french toast for breakfast. All in all, it was a great vacation. We're considering the organized ride in June, as well.

dad_5ks from Northwest, Arkansas on 4/12/2005 11:14:42 PM:
In September 2003, I rode the Katy Trail. Spent the night at Ashley's Rose (bed and breakfast) in Augusta. Had a nice French Dip sandwich for dinner, and a great breakfast. They even fixed my breakfast a bit early, as I wanted to get an early start.
Only odd thing about this bed and breakfast, no one lived at the facility. The owners left at 7:00pm, gave me a key to the front door, told me to lock myself in at night.
Only bad thing about Augusta, I had to ride up a long, steep hill to get there.

John from West Plains on 1/19/2006 2:49:43 PM:
Dont get me started on Jeanette's muffins. We really enjoyed staying there. That whole town is great. Give Jeanette a hug on the way out!