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R Bruce W Laubach from Williamsburg, VA on 6/12/2020 7:45:04 AM:
I am planning a trip on the Katy and want to know where the best places to park my car while I am on the trail? I plan on doing a round trip of the whole trail, so I expect I will be on the trail for at least two weeks.

Dave from Kirkwood on 6/14/2020 5:33:46 PM:
This topic has come up before (you could try searching for it). In general, you might be able to park at a hotel or B&B if you stay there and ask to park for a longer time. You can also park at Amtrak stations if they have a lot by the station and arrangements are made ahead of time. I cannot recall the rules of parking at trailheads, but even if allowed, it would be a park at your own risk situation given remote location of most places.

Ron4Cubs from PLANO on 6/15/2020 6:32:05 AM:
I biked the whole way in 2018 and parked at the rec center in Clinton. They allow you to park for free (just go inside and give them your contact info and when you'll be back). I biked to St Louis and then took Amtrak to Sedalia and biked back to Clinton. I would love to do it again!!

Bill in Houston from Houston on 6/23/2020 1:57:58 PM:
Clinton would be my choice for that. At the rec center like someone said. Call them every few days to let them know where you are.