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Erik from Oklahoma City on 10/7/2020 9:48:04 AM:
I stayed at the Bluffton Barn on 10.3.2020. Doug was a kind and generous host. The place is eclectic and homey. Enjoyed lively talk around the campfire with Spot and Freckles (Doug's sweet dogs). Though I did not eat any meals there, the other guests had great things to say! I stayed in the upper barn loft. Lots of room, comfortable and quiet. This place is great for travelers who are a little more adventurous and enjoy a rustic old world charm. Thanks again to Doug for being incredibly welcoming and accommodating!

Rich from Fairview, TX on 10/12/2020 5:34:17 PM:
I stayed at the Bluffton Barn the night of 10/9/2020. I found Doug to be one of the most personable gentlemen I’ve met. I felt he and I could be friends. He is a cyclist and enjoys hearing of your experiences and sharing his. The dinner he prepared for his guests that night was delicious and there was plenty, and the blueberry pancakes and bacon the next morning kept me going the next day. I think it was Erik who mentioned Doug’s dogs, Spot and Freckles, they are both sweethearts, and gave me my dog fix for the day. If/when I ride the Trail again, I will plan my itinerary to include Bluffton Barn in Bluffton. Enjoy your autumn ride.