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Frank from St. Louis on 10/10/2020 6:47:32 AM:
It's the trail open McBaine to Easley? Google Maps keeps routing is off the trail for that stretch.

DANA from Billings on 10/11/2020 10:22:01 AM:
We were just there about 10 days ago. Yes, there are lot of detours, for this trail. At least 3. I think Portland, (This one was the hardest, there was a sign that said, something about it being hazardous to your health because of some kind of work they were doing on the trail. lots of dump trucks going super fast, on this part of the trail. we decided to take our chances because we don't know the area and not the slightest clue as to a detour. We met lots of locals on this part and they gave us some directions to detour- only listen to locals- and get a few different people- each had a different story, but we pieced it together about best route.) Rocheport (bridge out, just after going East to west). Sorry, I didn't make not of mile markers. Rocheport : East to west- bridge out after town- you can go down to the left of trail down by creek- there is a concrete slab that they must of put down, but you have to go up large embankment. trail goes under bridge and up. There is one other way to go, we didn't understand the directions, though. we followed some locals. and Sedalia; Nothing at trailheads warning you about detours. One of them is quite extensive; Luckily the BAM riders were there one day prior to us , so they had pink arrows and spray paint on the ground pointing you in right direction. We also spoke to several other cycclists heading from the direction of detour. Talk to locals if you can..this trail is heavily trafficked by them. Use your resources!! Sedailia detour (going east to west- just before Sedalia) YOu will be riding on highway for a good bit. Nothing heavily traficked and the state park, has signs on the hwy and signs pointing you around. We didn't call state park, and we should have prior. Good luck.

Jen from St. Louis on 10/11/2020 9:02:32 PM:
There is no detour McBaine to Easley. Google maps showed me the same detour you are referring to, but I biked that section of the trail yesterday and was never rerouted