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T Milligan on 12/19/2020 7:11:56 PM:
... sorry for the length of this post - I've finally finished processing and uploading my 19 Katy Trail videos to Kinomap. If you have a smart bike trainer, or even a not smart trainer, or even an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer and want ride of the Katy Trail in a virtual way, you can do that on Kinomap with the GPS-tagged videos of my October 2020 ride from Clinton to (almost) St. Charles. I say "almost" because: 1. It was raining on day 2 of my ride, so I didn't video that day. However, I plan to ride it again in Spring 2021 and have reserved 4 slots (5-8) in the sequence for those segments. 2. On the last day, Missouri State Parks was doing *heavy* trail maintenence (felling large trees across the trail) that closed the trail to all bicycle traffic in both directions with no detour. This prevented me from riding all the way to St. Charles I've also created "playlists" of the segments of the trail that made up each day's ride. The advantage of using a "smart" exercise device is that the Kinomap app on your Android or iOS device can control the difficulty level based on GPS data while you exercise. You can see and ride the videos here: https://vsuq.adj.st/userName=tmilligan?adjust_t=e3qslbp&adjustdeeplink=com.kinomap.training%3A%2F%2F%3FuserName%3D?tmilligan&adjust_redirect=https://www.kinomap.com/en/u/tmilligan/videos