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Paula from NE Missouri on 12/21/2020 7:22:25 PM:
My daughter and I plan to conquer the Katy this spring riding west to east. I'd appreciate suggestions on four or five day routes of where to stop each day. We are not campers so we need at least a hostile. Thanks!

GaryB from Blue Springs, MO on 12/22/2020 9:43:40 AM:
My wife and I are also planning a trip west to east late Spring 2021. There is a tool on the website called the "Trip Planner". I used it to get an idea on how much we wanted to ride each day. Here is a link to Google Sheets of our planning worksheet. In column A (Day), you enter the stops you want to reach on each day. As you fill in the days, the table to right will update with the estimates miles for that day with a couple of columns to calculate estimated ride time at both 10 & 12 mph.

We are starting at Pleasant Hill and riding the Rock Island down to Windsor, down to Clinton for lunch, then back to Windsor to spend the night on day 1. We just wanted to make sure we rode the whole enchilada.


Missouri Haus Vacation Rentals from Marthasville on 12/22/2020 12:08:52 PM:
We have a lot of bicyclists stop in Marthasville for their first night going west or their last night going east.

The Community Club offers inexpensive camping options, and then we have 2 vacation rental homes on the trail, right next door to Philly's Pizza. There are a few other short term rentals a little further off the trail as well.

You can see our places at https://missourihaus.com/marthasville

Paula from NE Missouri on 12/22/2020 2:55:31 PM:
Thanks for your suggestions and plans!

Paula from NE Missouri on 12/27/2020 7:20:18 PM:
We'd like to shuttle from St. Charles to Clinton in the afternoon or evening, then stay over in Clinton so we can get a full days ride from Clinton the next day. Anyone know of a shuttle service that does this?

Bryan from Austin,TX on 1/1/2021 8:58:19 PM:
We have stayed in Boonevillek, Rocheport, Hermann, Jefferson City, and St Charles on various visits. Use the mileage chart to plan your day and use Google to find a Hotel/ B&B to book your accommodations. I highly recommend using the rail system for either the outbound or return leg.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 1/4/2021 4:20:00 PM:
We stayed in
Pilot Grove
Jeff City
St Charles

Hotels or BnBs.

There are some short days in there that you could combine or split to reduce your number of days on the trail.

Not sure about shuttles. I know that there are fewer than you would think, and they cost more than you would expect.

Ron Roberson from PLANO on 1/5/2021 6:07:13 AM:
I left my vehicle at the Clinton Parks & Rec (right next to the trailhead) and overnighted in Pilot Grove, Jefferson City, Hermann, St Charles, and St Louis. Took Amtrak to Sedalia and biked back to Clinton. Doing it again, I would probably start in Sedalia and end in St Charles (but bike to Kirkwood to catch the train back to Sedalia).

Luke Harris from Glen Carbon on 1/18/2021 10:26:09 AM:
If you need help in planning a self-guided tour? Contact Crossroads Bike Tours for your Local Katy Trail expert. www.crossroadsbiketours.com 314-656-6229

Mary E Ryan from Clinton on 1/23/2021 1:55:10 PM:
I am wondering how you came across your information about SQUARE 109 being permanently closed because I work as a part time dishwasher and I as far as know it is still up and going doing dine in AND takeout both Only thing shut down is salad bar but salads and some items can be had on request. All visitors are welcome to come visit us and see our Hollywood decor

Terry Fitzgerald from Baltimore, MD on 1/24/2021 11:35:22 AM:
We are 2 people in our late 60s when we road the KATY. Stayed at:
1)Clinton, 2) Sedalia, 3) Boonville (earthquake that morning), 4)Columbia (a detour up the side trail), 5) Jefferson City, 6) McKittrick (stayed at Joey's Birdhouse), 7) Augusta, 8) St Charles.
That is actually 7 days of riding. All in hostels or B&Bs. The side trip to Columbia added a day. And one could easily shorten that itinerary; but we liked to take things in along the way. Use the book or website to find your places to stay.
You can see my recent entry on how we got from KCI to Clinton by public transsit & taxi (w/o bikes).