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WFM69 from St Louis on 2/5/2021 1:51:59 PM:
Is there any consistent and reliable transportation to get my bike, stuff and me from Sedalia to Clinton?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 2/8/2021 2:07:00 PM:
Not to be a smarty pants or anything, but your bike is probably the most reliable transportation to get you and your bike to Clinton.

John Hutchins from Pacific on 2/9/2021 8:58:33 AM:
Ditto, plenty of time to ride to Clinton if you take the morning train. That's how I started my last trip east on the Katy.

PTM from STL on 2/9/2021 3:10:04 PM:
A couple of years back, we camped at the Fairgrounds and in the morning, got picked up by a local who shuttled us to Clinton. Can't recall the name. Maybe check with Champion Bikes in Sedalia - the nicest folks. BTW, for our shuttle, we had two big hybrids and a pull behind trailer and our escort showed up in a very small car - made for an interesting trip! If you find someone, you may want to ask what the transportation method is to see if it meets your needs, but you can't be too picky! Good luck, be safe and hope to see you on the KT.

Steve from St. Charles on 2/16/2021 2:15:16 PM:
I’m planning to ride the Katy in June, starting at Clinton. Based on this message board is seems best approach is to Amtrak to Sedalia (St Louis) then hitch a ride to Clinton? Does that sound correct?

Jerry from pilot grove mo. on 2/23/2021 11:52:25 PM:
Laura from Sedalia has transportation to Clinton call her 660 287 0585