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Reply to bridge out west of Rocheport
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DJ from St. Louis on 2/15/2021 10:21:27 PM:
I heard that there is a bridge out west of Rocheport. Does anyone know exactly where? Is the bridge outage between Rocheport and Booneville are west of Booneville? The detour sounds dangerous to ride and I'd like to know if I could start my trip in Booneville going east or if I need to start in Rocheport to avoid the detour. Also, any guidance/tips on this section of trail is welcome. I have not ridden this stretch. I'm planning to ride the week of March 30th. Any recommendations on places to stay would be helpful, too. Thanks!

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 2/16/2021 1:23:45 PM:
If the weather has been dry, there is an easy, short detour past it that does not include roads. Check out the discussion on "Salt creek bridge" in this forums for lots of information. There's another trail closure due to a landslide in the same area. There's about a 1/2 mile detour on a nice enough road that has small shoulders; however, is smooth and cars have plenty of visibility to see you.

Anonymous on 2/16/2021 1:49:01 PM:
Where is the landslide closure near Rocheport? This must be a very recent event.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 2/17/2021 8:48:15 AM:
I misspoke about the location. The rockfall is at MM 116.00 to 118.00 which is between Portland - Steedman. It happened last year if I remember correctly.