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AP from Concord, NC on 2/16/2021 8:39:28 PM:
How difficult is it to get from the Katy Trail to this hotel, or any place in Jefferson City? The road leading from the Katy trail, across the river, looks like a busy highway. I am not someone who favors riding with a lot of traffic, but it does not appear there are many options in this section of the trail.

Ron Roberson from PLANO on 2/17/2021 6:21:10 AM:
I stayed at the Baymont during my trip in 2018. There is a path (and lightly traveled roads) to get to the bridge. The bridge has a segregated bicycle lane (very safe). Take Main St up to the Capital then turn right on Broadway, cross 63 and turn right on Miller. The hardest part is the hill on Main going to the Capital. Traffic was nonexistent for me but I think it might have been a Sunday. Monday morning I had to alter the route back to the bridge due to one-way streets (but still not a big deal).

Debbie from Lincoln on 2/17/2021 10:54:28 AM:
I have taken the first left off of the long bridge and stayed at the Cliff House. I have then walked downtown and ridden my bike around downtown/capital building. There is a dedicated bike lane on the street. Cars can use it when no bikers are in it. Walking your bike might be safer for you going across the bridge towards the Baymont. Sorry, didn't look up where Baymont is. But I think it's alongside that busy highway. You can circumvent this by taking the side streets. Hope this helps. The Capital was fun to look in. Food is great at Arnies? think that's what it's called.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 2/17/2021 12:13:23 PM:
If you want to avoid the uphill to the Capitol, after going one block on west main turn right on Bolivar. Bolivar will curve to the left and become Dunklin at the intersection of Missouri Boulevard. After crossing Missouri Boulevard, turn left on Mulberry, that will take you to the hotel.

Debbie from Lincoln on 2/17/2021 12:14:51 PM:
Sorry, called Arris bistro, loved it! The special dessert case, yummy.

Ray (webmaster) on 2/17/2021 1:59:26 PM:
Crossing the Jeff City Bridge is always a highlight of Katy Trail trips for me. The bridge is super-safe, and offers great views of the river and Capitol building. And the ramp on the north end is so much fun to ride down!

Cathy from Pittsburgh from PIttsburgh, PA on 2/17/2021 9:59:31 PM:
Do you have google maps? If so, do directions from Katy Trail North Jefferson City spur to the Missouri State Capitol, biking. It will show you the correct route. There is a Katy Trail spur that goes from the Katy Trail to the North Jefferson City Recreation Area. Then you take 4th St. to Cottonwood St. which leads to the access to the Pedestrian/Biking path attached to the Missouri River Bridge. These streets are all safe for biking, if you are not there between 7:30 am and 9:00 am or at quitting time when commuters are in the area you won't encounter many cars. As others have said, the bridge is very safe, this is a protected biking pedestrian trail. And the view of the river and Capitol is wonderful. Once you get over the bridge you turn left on Main and can either go to Baymount Inn (and someone gave the route to use to avoid going up that hill). If the Cliff House Inn is still open that is on Cliff St, very close to the bridge. Google maps shows it is temporarily closed. But check closer to the date of your trip. If they have reopened it is a wonderful option. And there is also the Capital Plaza Hotel. Which is at the corner of Missouri Blvd and W. McCarty. You can also call the Doubletree, which is about 1/2 mile farther east, and see if they happen to provide any kind of shuttle from the trailhead. Also, other hotels in Jefferson City might be willing to shuttle you and your bike from the trailhead to their hotels.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 2/24/2021 12:11:58 PM:
Easy to get to. The bridge is a breeze. Plus, as mentioned, a trip isn't complete unless you go over that big bridge. AND, you also have to go to Central Dairy. So good. AND, as mentioned, Arris' is close and is good grub.

Kevin from Phoenix on 3/6/2021 6:45:12 PM:
My group stayed at the Baymont six years ago. The hotel was very nice and convenient and the staff was very hospitable. They let us store our bikes in a locked meeting room. I highly recommend this hotel!