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Reply to Trip Report Sedalia to Boonsville to Jefferson City to Hermann Amtrak to Sedalia

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Reply to Trip Report Sedalia to Boonsville to Jefferson City to Hermann Amtrak to Sedalia
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zume76 from DFW on 3/31/2021 9:54:47 PM:
Sedalia Bothwell Hotel is great and let us leave our car in the lot for 3 days. They have a bike washing station. Fitters Pub is worth the visit. On the Sunday leg to Boonville, the only food/water avail was at Casey's gas station in Pilot Grove. Hotel Frederick in Boonville was nice, but bar/cafe closed Sunday/Monday. Main Street Diner OK and will fix a takeout for lunch for the next day. Next leg, 50mi to Jeff City. Please note that after Rocheport, there was no water, cafe, store, or anything near the trail until Cooper's Landing which is 10 miles NW of Hartsburg (which only opens at 2pm during the week and earlier on weekends. At Hartburg, you could only get water from the bathroom sink. After that, its another 13 miles to Jeff City. Some cafe's are open on weekends. KatfishKatys is open late Friday, and at 11am Sat/Sun. Huntsdale trailhead had a water fountain, but it was off for the winter or longer. Jefferson City to Hermann leg was more enjoyable. Holzhausers Bar/Grill in Portland has great burgers and I forget what else. Hermann is a very enjoyable town. The Amtrak to Sedalia was surprisingly good. The train in only allowed to book 4 bikes - per the conductor. It has a snack bar for coffee, snacks, and even a suds. Most of the Trail info states that hybrid bikes are manageable on the trail. We ran our Trek FX2's with standard tires for 3 days and had 3 flats. Thanks to Ed for help on the first one. So we recommend beefing up your tires and tubes beforehand and get to know your pump. Also, there are lots of branches and sticks on the trail. My experienced wife went down hard from a stick in the spokes, so be extra careful as you can be a long way from anywhere!

PTM from STL on 4/1/2021 1:23:08 AM:
Thx so much for the great report. How was the bridge detour?