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Reply to amtrak options for Katy Trail riders
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kcwyks on 4/1/2021 7:22:49 AM:
The bike/train scenario can be a fun vacation. Amtrak serves several towns along or very near the Katy Trail. Washington, Hermann, Jefferson City, and Sedalia, all of which have lodging and restaurant options. Lees Summit (a Kansas City suburb) may be another Amtrak option soon via the Rock Island trail from Windsor if some Jackson County trail work gets completed.

For Jefferson City, Hermann, and Washington, you have to cross the Missouri river valley to get to the train station. The North Jefferson trailhead to Jefferson City is kind of a zigzag 2 mile route but well marked and is safe, and gets you to the big spiral ramp up to the river bridge where there is a protected bike lane. From the river bridge, take the first street to the left ( east) straight to the Capitol, go around the Capitol, then you will see signs directing you down to the Amtrak station near the river. The MCKittrick trailhead to Hermann route is about 1.5 miles along the shoulder of a busy highway, but it is a wide shoulder, and leads to a protected bike lane on the river bridge. In Hermann, take the first street left (east) and you will see the station down by the river. For Washington, you could ride on a busy highway with terrible shoulder from the Dutzow trailhead to Washington, but it is risky. I would recommend going east on the trail about 2 or 3 miles from Dutzow to Augusta Bottoms road (right near a small bridge over a drainage ditch), which winds through the river bottom and ends at the river bridge where there is a protected bike lane. From the bridge, go right (west) into Washington about 3/4 mile to downtown where you will find the train station down by the river. Sedalia train station is about 1/4 mile west of the Sedalia trailhead/museum through quiet city streets.

Amtrak has a limit on the number of bikes they will haul; the trains across Missouri dont have a baggage car; you store bikes in the luggage area of the coaches. They have some restrictions, like no tandems, no 3 wheelers, trailers, etc. So the early reservation has a better chance of getting bikes on board.