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Anonymous from Sedalia on 4/4/2021 4:10:54 PM:
I live in Sedalia, and today I checked out the new trail section that runs from Sedalia to the east. They did a nice job on the concrete section from the station in Sedalia, however from about a block north of the railroad tracks on Engineer Ave it turns into essentially a gravel road. I can't imagine the specs for the surface material allows for aggregate that large, it's a bicycle trail, not a country road. I rode about one block on each of two different parts of the new unpaved section, that's all I could take. I didn't enjoy it at all, I felt like I could crash at any moment -on a mountain bike- and I've been riding bikes for 58 years. It needs to be surfaced with a fine limestone chat that packs down hard and smooth, not large aggregate. Maybe that's the plan, if not, Total Fail.

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 4/4/2021 6:55:30 PM:
Yesterday a friend and I rode from Pilot Grove to Sedalia, and we were excited we didn't have to use the road detour. While the new section of trail is rough in spots, we thought it was great! We were on our gravel bikes with 700x38 & 700x42 tires. There were a lot of families out walking the trail too. There are a couple small picnic areas closer in town and there are several trees planted around those areas. I am excited to watch it grow. We also ride gravel roads so that's probably why we think it's great. Ha ha! Either way, the trail is open for use so get out there and start giving it life! Woo hoo!