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John Scanlan from Hilton Head Island, SC on 4/22/2021 6:22:39 PM:
I'm sitting here on the coast of South Carolina - fat, dumb, and happy - with a plan to do the Katy in July. Then I just read about closures near Portland and Rocheport. What's going on? Are there good detours around them?

Jeff from Newalla, OK on 4/23/2021 10:14:14 AM:
The "closure" at Rocheport does have two possible alternatives. The easiest is (if it hasn't rained in a bit) crossing the creek just south about 75 feet of the washed out bridge (which will not be replaced any time soon). There is a farmers path to get through the creek there. It has a concrete base, but you will definitely get your feet wet. but, if that is possible (again, if it hasn't rained in a bit), it beats out the second alternative of taking the highway bridge IMO, because that bridge is a long two lane (one lane each way) highway with zero shoulder. It was scary for me, and I have ridden road bikes a third of my life. I'm 60 :). As for the rock slide closure, I watched a youtube video of someone crossing it on foot. If you have a lot of gear, it might take a few trips (pun intended) but, I think it is possible to cross that too. I would watch the video(s?) and decide for yourself.

Doug from Bluffton on 4/23/2021 5:21:41 PM:
You could ride out to 94 around the rock slide and back to the trail a WHOLE lot faster and easier than you can pack your stuff around the closure. It's less than a mile of riding on 94.

Jim from St Thomas on 4/23/2021 7:26:48 PM:
I agree with Doug. I hate riding on roads but the rockslide detour is short and easy.

John Scanlan from Hilton Head Island, SC on 4/24/2021 6:00:25 PM:
Where exactly on the Katy Trail is the rock slide and downed trees? I know it's near Portland, but can you narrow that down a bit?

John Scanlan from Hilton Head Island, SC on 4/24/2021 6:16:57 PM:
If I want to pedal 94 around the rock slide and downed trees, where do I catch 94?

John Scanlan from Hilton Head Island, SC on 4/24/2021 6:17:22 PM:
If I want to pedal 94 around the rock slide and downed trees, where do I catch 94?

Doug from Bluffton on 4/24/2021 8:32:53 PM:
Coming from the west you turn right on gravel drive (Schmidt lane) that is just before the rock slide out to 94 and turn left. Take that less than a mile when it goes over the Katy take first drive to left and loop down onto the trail and then left and on to Portland. Coming from the east just reverse that.

Biker Chick 515 from Topeka, KS on 4/26/2021 11:45:18 AM:
Coming from the West - are both of these detours clearly marked? Based on what others have said, we will probably check out the low water crossing at Salt Creek to see if it is navigable but I don't want to miss the detour for the rock slide and have to try to trek our bikes over that.

Doug from Bluffton on 4/27/2021 6:52:56 AM:
I don't think Schmidt lane is marked at the trail but it's only 100 yards or so before the rock slide so easy to go back to. From the east it does have a sign at hwy 94. and would be your first drive on the right once you get on hwy 94 at the bridge over the trail.

k on 5/3/2021 11:54:22 AM:
I second Doug’s recommendation for the rock slide detour. Two more pieces of info: if you’re okay with pushing your bike through roadside grass and weeds and giving up some time, you can completely avoid riding on 94 itself for that relatively short section; and, the rock slide is visible on Google Map’ overhead view.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 5/3/2021 12:16:08 PM:
Wow, you really can see the rock slide on Google's satellite view. That's pretty cool. Makes it easy to find Schmid Lane.

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 5/4/2021 10:01:20 AM:
The first time I went through that area after the rockslide, I was stubborn and decided to go through it. Because I was hauling camping gear, etc., I had to break apart my equipment and portage it separately. Ended up taking 45 minutes for that one-mile closure. The next time I went through (same equipment), I just took the Hwy 94 detour and felt so smug when I got to the other side and saw a party of 4 struggling with trying to get through the slide! My advice: just go around it.