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Reply to Parking near Lee's Summit Amtrak Station
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Biker Chick 515 from Topeka, KS on 4/28/2021 2:35:20 PM:
Does anyone know about parking at the Lee's Summit Amtrak Station? I saw a post from last year saying that there is a parking garage 3 blocks away. Is the area where the Amtrak station is located safe? Given that the train comes in at almost 9pm I don't want to be trekking loaded bikes around in the dark if it's not safe. The Amtrak website says there is long term parking at the station - again - safety? Thanks.

mapmedic from KCMO on 4/28/2021 2:57:12 PM:
Since you're from Topeka, you probably are familiar with Johnson County. Think of Lee's Summit as the Overland Park of the Missouri suburbs. For the rest of you, it's a "nice" suburb.....low crime. That being said, crimes can happen...be smart and don't leave stuff visible in your car. Follow the link below to the City of Lees Summit parking information. Click on the individual lots for info....most are limited to 48 hours per the website. Click on the west one, located at roughly 204 SW Market and it identifies that particular lot as available for long term Amtrak parking. If you use google street view and stand in front of the Amtrak station, looking west between the two buildings across the street (bank and museum) you can see the free lot one block west. https://downtownls.org/parking/