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Night Trip

Björn to Ride on 4/28/2021 3:01:42 PM:
I am planning on riding the Katy from N. Jefferson back to STL throughout the night. Anyone have any tips for this or done this before? Any animals/creatures I need to be weary of? TIA.

Avatar 9357 from S. Louis on 4/28/2021 5:06:07 PM:
Night riding isn't allowed on the trail.

Björn to Ride on 4/28/2021 6:21:57 PM:
I think it’ll be okay.

Anonymous on 4/28/2021 6:29:56 PM:
Why you ask if you Björn to already know it’s okay to do what is against the law?

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 4/28/2021 9:31:29 PM:
The park rules and regulations state the Katy Trail is only open from sun rise to sun set. If you ride after sunset and run into night time wildlife, I will personally donate a park bench at the location of your demise to commemorate those that feel rules don’t apply to them. :-)

Bill in Houston from Houston on 4/29/2021 11:53:52 AM:
I would certainly be on the lookout for the coyotes and the bears. Closer to the river, I'd be looking for alligators as well.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 4/29/2021 5:17:35 PM:
Wrong Katy Trail, Bill in Houston, those gators are a problem on the Texas Katy Trail. ;-)

Bearcat Bob from Burlington on 5/1/2021 11:28:51 AM:
Keep an eye out for the lions, tigers, and panthers. The jackals and hyenas are a concern, too, but normally you don't have to worry about them until after the lions, tigers, and panthers are done with you. If you're near the river, look out for the rhinos and hippopotamuses, they can be deadly. The zebras and gazelles are not much concern, they just nibble at your toes and it's actually very pleasant. Oh, and have a good trip!

Bill in Houston from Houston on 5/3/2021 9:57:02 AM:
That's right, Gary. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

Thomas B Lee from Naperville on 5/5/2021 10:51:53 PM:
During the day I saw several very dark-colored snakes (3 ft.), and unfortunately I ran over one. I saw lime-colored snakes as well. Other animals I saw were beavers, turtles (A large (over 1 ft. and small 5-6 inches). Not sure these animals are active in the night. I heard that there are a lot of coyotes.

Ann Ohnomus on 5/7/2021 3:53:08 PM:
Rode trail last 2 years, 2 years ago Clinton to Booneville and back. We saw several jack a lopes.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 5/8/2021 12:53:24 PM:
Ann you stopped at the wineries a few times, didn't you.

Frank from Stl on 5/14/2021 10:19:33 AM:
Had an unexpected day on the Katy which required an hour in the dark to get to my B&B. Ran over a lot of frogs unfortunately and bugs in the eyes even with lenses. Wouldn’t recommend it.