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Going to do the whole trail starting July 11, 2021

John Clark from Bakersfield on 4/29/2021 1:11:24 PM:
Hello all, I know 2019 was crazy with flooding and closures. Are there any issues with starting (and completing) the whole trail in July? My plan is to bike the whole trail, backtrack back to Boonville, then pickup the Lewis and Clark to head towards Le Mars, Iowa (for RAGBRAI!). Thanks a bunch!

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 4/29/2021 2:22:58 PM:
John, the Trail Conditions page was just updated by Ray so that's where you can start. Mid-July riding is often difficult due to the heat and humidity. I have taken two end-to-end Katy rides in July with heat indices of 105F to 110F and they were not pleasant. Most of the B&Bs along the trail recognize this and will accommodate you with an earlier or lighter breakfast. You can be out on the trail as early as 5:15 AM in July to beat the heat.