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Erik from Pleasanton, California on 5/1/2021 9:15:52 PM:
Hi! My family (2 adults and an 11 year old) like to hike the Camino de Santiago. Since the little guy isn't vaccinated yet and we're not sure about flights to and fro, I thought we could walk the Katy Trail from Jefferson City to St. Charles. The stages I'm planning seem reasonable except bewteen Tebbetts and Blufton. 20 miles in one day could be a bit much for family cohesion. : ) Can anyone tell me if there is cell service in Blufton so we could take a taxi to Blufton? Thanks for the wonderful information this provides!

Doug from Bluffton on 5/3/2021 11:24:01 AM:
call the Bluffton Barn for more info.

Thomas B Lee from Naperville on 5/5/2021 10:41:27 PM:
I just finished West to East bike riding on May 2, and I did stop by at Blufton (The Barn). I have T-Mobile service and I did not get ANY coverage there. Doug said he uses phone only (vs. data) and told me it is somehow with the help of his computer to boost cell phone signal. He uses AT&T service. I have walked Camino de Santiago (CdS) six times in the last seven years (I could not go in 2020), and I am hoping to go this fall when Spain opens up the border for foreigners. The way I see your plan is that unlike CdS, there are very, very limited lodging options. Also places to eat. Are you planning to camp in the middle of nowhere? Do you feel safe doing so? Even if you carry tent and food, you have to carry a lot of water in order to cook and clean. You have to think through. if you want to contact me, leave your cont here.

Cat from Ohio on 5/12/2021 2:02:56 PM:
Fellow pilgrims here, and missing the Camino. We are thinking of walking the Katy Trail, too, possibly in the next few weeks. Wondering how your planning is going. We are planning to camp some and rent rooms some and from what I can tell, it's totally possible without too many days over 20 miles. About water, I'm assuming we can bring a water filter and collect water along the way if there are not fountains available. Has anyone else tried it? Not a lot of info out there for walkers.