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Katfish Katy’s

Jim from St Thomas on 6/6/2021 2:31:11 PM:
Looks like Katfish Katy’s is temporarily closed. https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/local/katfish-katys-occupancy-license-revoked-after-sewage-issue-noise-levels/article_c012e268-9225-52da-af2e-1c4d6c21d6bf.html

Deron from Boonville on 6/6/2021 4:48:38 PM:
The article specifically says that: "The Station House at Katfish Katy’s is currently open without an occupancy license. Its occupancy license was revoked June 1 by the Huntsdale Building Code Commissioner , Ana Lopez." "...the health department allowed Katfish Katy's to remain open since there was no prior warning." Later the article says the sewage issue was repaired by contractors.

Jim from St Thomas on 6/6/2021 6:21:18 PM:
They updated the story after the original posting. The original story made no mention of the health department allowing them to stay open. My apologies.