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Bluffton Barn

R Bruce W Laubach from Williamsburg, VA on 6/8/2021 9:56:49 AM:
Thumbs up to Doug and the Bluffton Barn. I took advantage of his hospitality earlier in March while I was on a solo ride from Machens to Clinton and back. He offers a wide range of options on how you stay with him. He offered me a warm bed, shower, dinner, and breakfast. He also gave me the option of setting up my tent and camping out. I took him up on a warm shower, but camped and made my own meals. I figured that if I was going to bother carrying a tent sleeping gear and food I should at least use them. Or, that would have been a useless weight on the trail. Doug is very friendly and offers a campfire with singing and adult refreshments. I had a very good time and enjoyed our conversations.