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vehicle break-ins

Outandback from Overland Park, KS on 6/15/2021 3:50:19 PM:
As I plan a Katy trip this fall from Sedalia to St. Charles I find that my biggest concern is safety for parked vehicles at the start point. I've not seen a lot of comment about that on this list so I assume it's not a big problem. But is it a small problem? I know that anything can happen, but would you worry about parking a vehicle for a few days at a trailhead access area that would be dark and without cameras? Am I overthinking this?

Bruce Laubach on 6/15/2021 4:39:33 PM:
When I rode from St Charles to Clinton and back, I asked th hotel where I was staying if I could leave my truck there till I was finished. They had no problem with that. No problems with break ins either.

Jim from St Thomas on 6/15/2021 5:17:39 PM:
The only one I’ve had personal experience with is the North Jefferson trailhead. I would never leave a vehicle there after dark. If you’re going to leave a vehicle in Jefferson City I would park it in one of the state Capitol Complex lots across the river on Main Street close to the Red Wheel bike shop.

MapMedic from KCMO on 6/15/2021 8:58:51 PM:
Are you overthinking...probably. We have all heard the message over and over not to leave anything of value in your car, ESPECIALLY visible in a car. This includes leaving any sort of bag or package that could contain something....remember the low-life, the tweaker, whoever....doesn't know there's nothing in that bag, etc. I suggest you call the Sedalia police department, ask for an officer if they are available to talk to you. Explain that you are on the trail for several days and want to know the safest place to lawfully park.

Anonymous on 6/16/2021 7:11:02 AM:
We’ve left the car for multiple nights in Sedalia at the Depot. Ask inside where to park and leave your name, car ID, and a contact number with those at the desk. Have never had an issue at any trailheads. North Jefferson looks sketchy and in years past has got bad press here, so that is not a consideration for us. No, you’re not overthinking this. You’ll enjoy your ride more knowing you’ve thought things through and looked for advice from locals and those who have ridden the trail for years.

Alex from Boonville on 6/16/2021 10:24:50 AM:
We've left vehicles at both the Sedalia Depot and the parking lot by the city skate park and had no issues. Just exercise normal caution, and hide/lockup all valuables. We've left vehicles for multiple nights across the whole Katy Trail with no issues.