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Dale F from Prairie Village on 7/19/2021 3:05:35 PM:
How is the ride from trailhead into Jefferson City on hwy 54? Safe/ easy? 2 to 3 miles? I see there is now a pedestrian/bike path on the bridge but what about the highway? THANKS

Bill in Houston from Houston on 7/19/2021 3:09:46 PM:
I would definitely not ride on the highway. The bike path is great.

Deby from Dallas on 7/19/2021 8:40:48 PM:
We were there in May, and if I remember correctly there is a way to get over to the Skywalk (which is really cool!) without getting on the highway. There is a trail other than Katy trail that heads toward Jefferson from the North Jefferson Trailhead. We took that going to the Skywalk to get into Jefferson, but that trail was a little rough and if it's been raining I don't imagine it would be in good shape. But going back to Katy the next day, we avioded that trial, and took city streets. I don't remember which streets, but it was not via highway. Be prepared for major hills in Jefferson, BTW.

Dale F from Prairie Village on 7/20/2021 3:16:47 PM:
thanks for the feedback; it sounds like there is a way to get from the trailhead to jeff city without getting on the highway...

Jim from St Thomas on 7/20/2021 7:31:55 PM:
It’s pretty easy. Take the Katy Spur from the N. Jefferson trailhead. The spur dead ends at Fourth Street. Go right on Fourth Street for 3 blocks to Cottonwood Street. Turn left on Cottonwood and follow it to where it ends at a parking lot. The path to the bridge pedestrian lane is at the southeast corner of the parking lot.

Dale F from Prairie Village on 7/21/2021 8:57:30 AM:
Perfect, thanks for the detailed instructions...

Dave from Columbia on 7/24/2021 8:28:20 PM:
Absolutely stay off of Hwy 54, us the spur trail that will get you into Jeff City.