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KT Caboose in Marthasville

Anonymous from Columbia, Mo on 10/12/2021 3:24:09 AM:
Oct 10, 2021..A friend and I enjoy planning day biking trips on the Katy and Rock Island trails. Most of our bike trips include lunch and a couple of hours of biking. We try to meet at a location that is equidistance from our homes, especially if we are both working the next day. Our most recent trip was to Marthasville and included lunch. I selected KT Caboose for lunch due to it's proximity to the trail and the online reviews were great for the resteraunt. I ordered the smoothie while waiting on my friend. Later, when my friend arrived, we both ordered the falafel wrap which came with pita chips and a great dipping sauce. The falafel and dipping sauce were very good , the fruit smoothie was amazing, and the conversation enjoyable.