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Carlee from Orlando, FL on 10/28/2021 7:26:08 AM:
I am planning a full day ride on the Katy Trail in about a week to see what it’s all about! Right now, I am thinking for a 1 day trip to start in St. Charles and go to Augusta and then turn around. I am wondering if anyone has any advice or comments about this plan? I would love some input on what to expect, best places to stop for wineries/food and also if the distance seems doable for a full day. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks so much!

Bill in Houston from Houston on 10/28/2021 8:27:42 AM:
The stretch from Weldon Springs to Defiance is probably the least interesting section of trail. If you have a way to drive west some and start in Defiance or Augusta, I'd recommend that.

JT from TERRE HAUTE on 10/28/2021 6:12:32 PM:
Depends what you're hoping for: from St. Charles to Defiance there's not much to do, but once you get to Defiance and on to Augusta there's several options for breweries and wineries and bar and grill type places (depending on the day of the week, I'd definitely check to see what's open on what days of the week). Just finished a ride from Clinton to Machens on 10/26 and had a great lunch at Terry and Kathy's in Defiance on 10/26. In the long run I'd say; make your plans and then ride!