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Reply to Rock Island Trail Closure - Medford - Chilhowee
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CurtM-FTW from Fort Worth TX on 10/28/2021 12:49:22 PM:
There is a trail closure on the Rock Island Spur between Medford and Chilhowee, west of Highway P intersection. Can't be more specific, since I didn't know until I got there (10/24/21). Didn't find any notices on the MO State Parks site, and am not from the area, so it was kind of a surprise. It looked like a culvert washout. Heavy equipment on trail. No detour posted and couldn't quite pinpoint the location. Riders from Medford to Chilhowee (or reverse) should be aware. Thanks.

madununibomer from op on 10/28/2021 2:59:54 PM:
how many miles past medford did you just turn around and go back is it possible walk thru thanks for the heads up.probily could find a deture by riding on highway 2 was ooking onn google maps didnt see a p intersection.

CurtM-FTW from Fort Worth TX on 10/28/2021 9:29:40 PM:
I was incorrect about the location of the closure. It's EAST of the Medford TH, closer to Medford than Chilhowee. If I had to hazard a guess, it would be the crossing with SW 971 Road. It was a surprise and I should have noted the location better. But with the rain and all that, wanted to keep going. I did see what must have been HW 2 curving south, so that would be my guess. I drove HW 2 a couple of times a few years ago; it would be poor choice for cycling. I did walk the bike through; it was Sunday. Pretty loose fill and you have to maneuver around the heavy equipment. You'll have to empty your shoes.

madununibomer from op on 10/29/2021 5:20:48 AM:
thanks for looking out.