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Cameron from Kansas City on 1/10/2022 1:24:35 PM:
Hello! I'm planning to ride the Katy trail this spring from KC to however far a couple days gets me and back. I just wanted to say hello and I am loving this site and all the GREAT info within.

Randl from Northfield MN on 1/11/2022 9:41:02 AM:
When are you starting out and what do you know about weather along the Katy?

Cameron from Kansas City on 1/11/2022 5:48:42 PM:
Hello Randi, Undecided on exact date but weather is a main concern of mine. Living in Kansas City most of my life not far from Katy trail the weather in the midwest can change rapidly and we've had spring snows and springtimes where I felt HOT.

Randl from Northfield MN on 1/12/2022 10:50:38 AM:
I think I remember reading that the spring / early summer months are rainy season along the Katy. Is that in accord with your information? Rain puts a damper on my cycling.

John H from Pacific on 1/13/2022 6:17:54 AM:
I like to ride the Katy in early to mid-May. Yes it is rainy in the spring. It's best if you have the flexibility in your schedule to watch the weather forecast and time your ride accordingly. If it's been a wet winter/spring you also need to pay attention to this forum and the state park website for flooding or other closures. But it's a great ride. Get some rain gear to bring along, change to wider tires if your frame & wheels will take larger tires and consider putting fenders on your bike if you don't have them already. You won't mind a bit of unexpected rain if you are prepared.

Michael from mountains from London on 1/14/2022 3:10:35 AM:
I can support what John H says - be prepared for the rain. And if you get soaked, drying out can be problematic; I seem to remember trying to dry out our cycle shoes in the dryers in a laundromat at the 'wrong' end of Jefferson City.