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Reply to Trail closed for Rock Removal 4/25-27 (Rochport
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FCC from Springfield MO on 4/20/2022 9:22:13 AM:
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources announced a portion of the Katy Trail will be closed April 25-27. The Missouri Department of Transportation has contracted with Lunda Construction Company to replace the I-70 Missouri River Bridge at Rocheport, which will require blasting to be done on the bluff alongside the Katy Trail. Lunda Construction Company will blast April 25 and then remove the rock through April 27. Any other hauling would be completed through the remainder of April when the trail is closed at night. For more information on the bridge project, visit modot.org/RocheportBridge. No trail detours will be available during this phase of the project because there is no safe way to reroute visitors around the blasting site and too much rock will be laid across the trail. For visitors' safety, please stay out of the work zone and follow all flagging and signage in the area. For more information on Missouri state parks and historic sites, or to view the Park and Site Status Map, visit mostateparks.com. Missouri State Parks is a division of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. https://www.newstribune.com/news/2022/apr/18/portion-of-katy-trail-closed-due-to-rock-removal/

Upward from Tulsa on 4/20/2022 8:31:35 PM:
What mile markers is this referring to?

Upward from Tulsa on 4/20/2022 8:54:13 PM:
What mile markers is this referring to?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 4/21/2022 9:54:38 AM:
State Parks' site says Closed: Katy Trail from mile marker 178.30 to 169.50 The trail will be CLOSED to allow the MoDot contractor to conduct blasting adjacent to the trail from APRIL 25-27. This is a full closure with no recommended detour.

William from Pittsburgh on 4/21/2022 10:04:11 AM:
So what do we do? We will be riding through Rocheport on April 26th. Any recommendations on how we continue our trek east?

TC from Tucson on 4/21/2022 4:55:19 PM:
You could call one of the many shuttle services to transport your group beyond the bridge construction. One option is to take a shuttle to Columbia where you could ride the MKT Nature and Fitness trail down to the Katy Trail. From the intersection of the two trails at Hindman Junction, you could go upriver to check that section out (it is really beautiful) and then backtrack and head east. The trail from Columbia to the Katy is mostly downhill and very nice.

Doug from Bluffton on 4/21/2022 5:51:01 PM:
Ride up the hill out of Rocheport on 240 go across I70 take Roby farm road right on County O about 100 yards to Hancock Hill road right back to Trail

TC from Tucson on 4/23/2022 7:44:26 PM:
Doug, I hear a lot of good things about you and your accommodations. I got out a map and can't follow your instructions. Would you have time to be more precise with the instructions and is the road that you recommend without shoulders and with concerning traffic?

Doug from Bluffton on 4/24/2022 7:53:34 AM:
TC, check google maps or give me a call at Bluffton Barn. It's a pretty easy ride other than the hill. Not much traffic after you get past I70.

Anonymous on 4/24/2022 2:29:54 PM:
Highway BB eastward out of Rocheport…240 will take you to the northwest.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 4/25/2022 8:07:53 AM:
Google Maps does not show Hancock Hill Rd going through to the trail, but the satellite view does. Here's a more defined list of Doug's directions. From Rocheport: Turn right onto 3rd St 0.2 mi Continue onto W Hwy Bb 2.0 mi Continue onto Roby Farm Rd 3.2 mi Slight right onto State Hwy O 0.2 mi Slight right onto Hancock Hill Rd 1 mi to the trail

Anonymous on 4/25/2022 8:39:59 AM:
Turn at ole man Wilson's house.... Not sure why directions are so difficult. Facing the south in Rocheport, take a right on 3rd street and head out of town on 240 going the wrong direction. Facing north in Rocheport, take a right on 3rd street and head out of town on W Hwy BB going the right direction. Google maps is your best bet.