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S & J on 5/15/2022 12:52:12 PM:
Is there a bike trail from the KT to the Amtrak at Washington?

Michele from St louis on 5/22/2022 5:27:22 AM:
No bike trail from Katy to Washington. Take the Katy to Augusta Bottoms Road. Take Augusta Bottoms for a couple miles and this will take you to Hwy 47, a short ride on the shoulder you will find a bike path that will take you under the road/bridge and to a separated bike lane on the bridge. After you get off the bridge take a right to downtown area and the Amtrak station. Augusta Bottoms is the road crossing right before or after Dutzow depending on which direction you are travelling. It starts out paved but turns to gravel usually it is not rough riding. You can also take Hwy94 on the shoulder from Dutzow to Hwy47 on to the bridge into Washington, busy roads with fast moving traffic but doable.

Gary and his Stumpjumper from KCMO on 5/24/2023 8:09:46 AM:
We found the Augusta Bottom road very dangerous. We rode it from Washington to the Katy at about 4 pm. We were passed by about 30 cars from both directions, including large trucks. All kicked up dust, making it impossible for the next car to see us.

Adam from KC on 5/24/2023 3:37:21 PM:
Augusta Bottoms Road is always a low point on the Katy journey for us. It's got sizable gravel chunks, like mini boulders in places, that cause my bike wheels to slip. The road is also a bit slanty, and as others mentioned, full of gigantic trucks with no regard for cyclists. I might take my chances on the shoulder of the main highway from Dutzow Deli in towards Washington next time around. It's a longer duration to be on the road, but it might not be as white knuckle.