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Amtrak Washington Station in Washington

CScotty from College Station,TX on 5/30/2022 9:52:06 PM:
Our’s was a through trip from Clinton to St Charles. After a night in St. Charles we rode back to Washington and caught the train to Sedalia, spent the night and finished with a ride the next day to our car in Clinton. This type of round trip worked well for us allowing for 6 days of riding with an enjoyable 2.5 hour trip on Amtrak to shorten the return. Be sure to book tickets for your bike(s) along with your passenger tickets. Our total cost for two passengers and two bikes from Washington to Sedalia was $80. Be ready to take large bags (panniers) off the bikes before loading. In our case the bikes were lifted up into the back of a passenger car and hung by the front wheel in an open compartment.