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Amtrak WAH to LEE with 2 expedition bikes and a BoB trailer

Gary from Central FL on 6/5/2022 9:06:53 PM:
We're interested in riding from Lees Summit to Washington via Rock Island Spur & Katy Trail in June. Some of the appeal of this trip was to use AmTrak for the return. But now I'm stumped trying to decipher how or even if we can get our bikes on train. I suppose the choice of words on their website might make sense after getting there but that would be too late to sort out ineligibility. - For bike packing trips we ride 2 Surley ECRs with 27.5 x 3.0 tires. Are we not allowed? We have other bikes but none with tires less than 2.1". - Is it a recent change that BoB trailers can be packed in boxes? - I've seen other forum comments that indicate trouble trying to get bike reservations in June. Are "bike reservations" only an issue for more convenient berthing of skinny tire bikes? If dismantling and boxing MTBs, touring, or expedition bikes are reservations still required? - What does AmTrak's wording about "in lieu of baggage" mean? If we box our bikes would we not be able to carry the stuff we had to take off the bike? Would we not be able to consolidate and check our bike bags? - Is the process simpler and more accommodating than the AmTrak website sounds or is the "bike service" really only practical for commuters on skinny bikes?

madununibomer from op on 6/7/2022 2:07:59 PM:
amtrack let me on with my fully loaded surly disc trucker[ with 26 inch wide tires],but from what I understand they wont allow bike trailers.

Gary from Central FL on 6/7/2022 11:34:49 PM:
Hey Mad, Thanks for sharing that info. Interesting that they didn't fuss about your 2.1" wide tires. Our Mountain Bikes are only 2.1" but I'm not comfortable just hoping I don't encounter Mr Bythebook the day we want to board. For these kinds of trips we're just more comfortable on our ECRs and there's no hiding those 3" tires. Anyhow, because of food uncertainties & the distance between some motels we've decided to do this as another bike packing trip rather than a credit card ride. So with camp gear, cook systems, & self sufficient food supply a BoB trailer will be following my bike. The AmTrak website does now say trailers can be shipped but in a box. Mine would need to be totally dismantled to fit their required box dimensions. I just don't feel like doing that on top of partial disassembly & boxing of two bikes. On top of all that some wording on the AmTrak website confused me on what to do with all of our other gear. Anyhow, we'll pedal back to start.