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e-bikes on Katy

Jorge Velasquez from Cedar Ridge,Ca on 6/15/2022 2:15:25 AM:
Ebikes...touring with e bikes but daily miles about 38-40 miles. Can these rental e-bikes travel those daily distances? Has anyone toured the entire route on an e-bike? Thanks in advance! Jorge

DS Douin from Out of State on 6/16/2022 3:43:26 PM:
George, Ive done the trail by ebike but you need to plan with a charger or extra batteries. Depending on your bike most ebikes get 35-40mi (if you dont put on the higher settings) but finding a charge at a gas station or restaurant or hotel is a must. My bike is a road ebike so I can get 60-70mi which is not a problem plus I have an extender (no jokes) for about another 45-50 mi. It would be nice to have receptacles at trail heads but then the trail wouldn't be "primitive"