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Detour Near Rocheport

Mark from Bentonville on 6/16/2022 7:27:57 AM:
Has anyone taken the detour west of Rocheport they describe on the State Park site?

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 6/16/2022 7:57:11 AM:
Mark, there's no need to take the detour -- the bridge replacement was completed last month. The US 40 highway bridge happens to go right over that same spot. MO Dept of Transportation will be replacing that bridge at some point in the near future. Hoping they give us a good, off-road (and short) detour when construction starts.

Mark from Bentonville on 6/16/2022 8:05:11 AM:
The State Park site still shows a detour that is described as follows: M 181.5 to MM 181.8 – Starting June 6, 2022, a 0.3-mile section of trail spanning from the west side of the Highway 40 Salt Creek bridge to the Davisdale Conservation Area Is this acurate?

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 6/17/2022 7:22:06 AM:
Mark, you are correct. It looks like they just started work to replace the Hwy 40 bridge. The good news is that the detour is very short and the traffic will be minimal. This is nothing compared to the big detour (2+ miles on the highway) that was recently resolved. Here is the press release: The U.S. Route 40 Bridge over Salt Creek and the Katy Trail will begin on Monday, June 6, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. The 80-year-old bridge will be replaced with a smoother and wider bridge meant to improve motorist safety. The route could be closed for up to six months during construction. A detour will be in place along Route 40 for motorists and along the Katy Trail as well.