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Definition of repair station

Brad from New Marion, Indiana on 7/20/2022 9:06:24 AM:
Sorry if this is a silly question but what is a repair station in comparison to a Bike shop that does repairs. I am heading out on the trail on a Unicycle and have a weight limit of what I can pack with me for a week and trying to work out how may possible parts and tools to bring. Thanks! Looks like this is an awesome trail to try out

Anonymous on 7/20/2022 3:06:25 PM:
There are locations that have tools available that are hanging from small cables for bikers use...a repair station. A bike shop.....well, you know. Someone else does the work for you and you pay them.

brad wilson from st louis on 7/20/2022 3:46:13 PM:
I tried to post something earlier, but it didn't go through. Anyway, the repair station is as the other person described. A couple pumps, a work stand of sorts, and some tools. It's out in the open next to *some* of the trailheads. If you go to the Towns & Services (see link near top of page), you can see where the repair stations are available. If you select the option to see the services as words instead of symbols, and then look for the phrase Repair Station, you'll see where they are available.