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Jefferson City Lodging

Deby from Dallas on 9/2/2022 8:34:50 AM:
I can't seem to find anything other than chain hotels in the capital. Are there no B&B's or Inns?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 9/2/2022 11:25:40 AM:
Bunches. https://www.airbnb.com/s/Jefferson-City--MO/homes?adults=2&place_id=ChIJ8Qo7Tqtd24cRrdmovEvJ57I

Deby from Dallas on 9/3/2022 11:06:53 AM:
Thanks so much Bill in Houston. This was very helpful. We have our lodging set! A heads up to those using airbandb many do require 2 night minimum.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 9/6/2022 5:34:42 PM:
Have fun! Good note on 2-night stays...