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Lodging during Oktoberfest

Tweetypat from Overland Park, Kansas on 9/18/2022 5:26:02 PM:
Anyone have a suggestion for a good bed and breakfast close to the Katy Trail for October 7 or 8th? I'm looking for something closer to K.C. than St. Louis.

Anonymous on 9/19/2022 11:37:06 AM:
Probably best to research B&B's and contact them directly for availability for your specific dates. It's very doubtful that anyone here has that information and know who's booked and when. It may be best to make a direct contact instead of getting second hand info on a forum.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 9/22/2022 4:05:15 PM:
Kim's Cabins in Windsor comes to mind. We use the finder map tool on AirBnB as well.