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Peter on 11/3/2022 1:44:13 AM:
Starting the Katy in a couple of days, I am planning on doing out and back from Machens to Clinton and back. Does anyone have any advice for me? I have never done more than a night of bikepacking but thought that the Katy would be a great place for my first time.

Bruce Laubach from Williamsburg on 11/3/2022 6:33:58 AM:
Use the trail map and location amenities of the map to keep track of where you want to go each day. You should be prepared to camp if you do not plan on B&B's or hotel stays every night. Fill up your water bottles every chance you can. Although, you state that you have never done more than one night bike packing I hope you have lots of camping experience, it helps. Also give yourself time to rest, even if it means taking a day off the trail. Most of all just enjoy the ride!

Peter on 11/3/2022 1:57:46 PM:
Thank you, Bruce. I have a bunch of camping experience. Would you say that I can do the Katy trail with a hammock and a rain tarp or is a tent recommended?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/4/2022 11:43:16 AM:
Be ready for long stretches without food or water. Like days. Should be pretty quiet on the trail, which is good and bad. Be ready to fix anything that goes wrong with the bike, including having spare parts. Not many places to buy parts near the trail. People riding narrower tires seem to get flats more frequently. Casey's pizza is delicious when you've been riding all day. Make sure your stuff doesn't bounce loose. I have backpacked a lot, but when I bikepacked my stuff bounced loose. Be ready for rain. Fenders are dorky, but they will keep you and your stuff much drier. Smaller businesses will be closed on days when you might expect them to be open. Have fun, take pictures, all that. :) Let us know how it went!