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Storing a bike in hermann

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duncand from Kansas City on 11/5/2022 8:05:13 AM:
Hi! Does anyone know of a place in Hermann that will allow me to store a bike for a day? I'm riding the trail from Clinton to St. Charles next week and was planning to take a rest day Wednesday in Hermann. We're going to be camping, so we won't have a room to store bikes in-- does anyone know of any shops or services in Hermann that will allow us to store our bike for a fee? Thanks!

Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 11/6/2022 11:39:38 AM:
aybe Joey, at her Birdhouse B and B in Mckitrick would store it for you. It's a mile or so north of Harmen but Joey is a peach and trys to help out. Try her. We love her Birdhouse B and B.