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KC to Alton, IL Video Journal

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Bigrediggy from Kansas City on 11/9/2022 3:20:01 PM:
The end of the summer I did my first full Katy Trail Ride. I actually left my home and got on the Rock Island Trail in KC and took that down to just North of Clinton and took Hwy 13 into Clinton. Then the whole trail to Machens. I then crossed the Mississippi River into Alton and took Amtrak back home. 365 miles in 4 days. If I was to do it over again I would probably split it into 5-6 days. I blew out my back weeks before the trip and tried to get it back into shape before the trip but it locked up during most of the ride.

I decided to do a video journal along the way mainly for my own benefit but if you want to ffw through the clips to get an idea my thoughts along the way be my guest... https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL53LkcXFAvTwf8EgZPvxc0BY4DmtiSroN

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/10/2022 6:16:48 PM:
I haven't seen a vlog in that format before. I like it.

Can't believe you did those distances with a locked up back! You really pushed through the pain.

The crushed surface does take some more effort than pavement. I think that sometimes it makes it feel like you are pedaling uphill even when you are on the flat. The wind was pretty crazy for you, too.

Glad you got Amtrak to work.