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Bluffton Barn is up for sale

Ray (webmaster) on 11/12/2022 2:13:15 PM:
After 34 years, Doug Rendleman is retiring as the owner and host of the Bluffton Barn B&B, and putting the business up for sale. Doug, and his home, are beloved icons of the Katy Trail. Hundreds of Katy Trail travelers have fond memories of staying in this historic house and enjoying Doug's food, music, and company. If you've always dreamed of living the idyllic life of a Katy Trail B&B host, this is your chance to buy a successful, well-established, and well-loved B&B! Bluffton Barn, originally known as Rendleman Home, is located right off the trail in Bluffton - midway between Portland and Rhineland, which is a little west of McKittrick/Hermann. Contact Doug at 573-236-4575 for info.

Anonymous on 11/13/2022 3:32:14 PM:
Doug is the best! If you haven’t had a chance to stay there you have missed a unique time