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Spring trail conditions

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Andy from Vermont on 11/15/2022 11:47:29 AM:
Question about riding the trail next spring. Considering riding and camping the Katy in early May 2023 and am wondering if that is too early most years because of possible high water and trail closures?

Anonymous on 11/16/2022 11:25:01 AM:
That's a hard one to predict. I don't know that the Katy floods most years. That aside, it could flood next May but not in the area that you are riding making it a non issue for you.

Probably the most logical path would be to keep an eye on trail conditions next spring and plan accordingly a bit closer to time you would like to ride.

Deby Elliott from Dallas on 11/16/2022 10:07:44 PM:
We rode in May of 2021 and it was the absolute perfect time to go that year; warm, dry, green and verdant, lots of song birds around. However this past summer (2022) brought a horrible drought, resulting in the trail between Sedalia and Boonville being full of very deep and frequent ruts. I am wondering how long it will take the State Park system to work on this part of the trail. We rode the trail a few weeks ago - in October, and with the leaves covering much of the trail, we often couldn't see the ruts, making riding a little dangerous. So this is a concern, but at least in May the trail would be clear of the fallen leaves. I'd say May is a good choice, and I am hoping the parks system can do some work between now and then.

Deron Kazmaier from rural Boonville MO on 11/17/2022 8:06:34 AM:
The cracks in the Katy appear every summer. Sometimes worse than others. They came through last week and poured gravel/chat in them. Should be good for another year.

I've often wondered why they don't have a salt truck attachment on the back of their pickups. They drive through most every day. Why wait and try and do the repair all at once? Like you said, dangerous with fall leaves covering the trail. They try and put cones up near the worse spots, but seems like it would be almost as quick to actually fix it.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/17/2022 11:24:41 AM:
Everything that is going to be fixed will typically be fixed by May. April can be too early.

Anonymous on 11/18/2022 9:55:44 AM:
Good to know.

Didn't know DNR was done in May each year.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/29/2022 4:20:13 PM:
I mean, not everything is fixed. Just that IF they are going to fix it, it would usually be done by May. Your mileage may vary, as pointed out by others.