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Trailheads and mile markers

SBS on 1/7/2023 4:23:56 PM:
Is there a list of all the Katy Trail trailheads and their approximate location relative to the mile marker signs along the trail?

Fran from Detroit on 1/8/2023 7:30:41 AM:
I remember looking for such a list a while back and couldn't find it, but if you buy the laminated map, it has all the trailheads and their associated mile markers. Also, I think if you go to the Trip Planner here, you could put in the start and finish and select Parking and it will show the trailheads and their mile markers.

SBS on 1/8/2023 8:19:56 AM:
Great suggestion to use the Trip Planner with Parking only. Strangely, the mile markers are shown on the website output, but when you save the CSV file, the mile markers are omitted. It would be great if the mile markers could be added to the CSV file.

Ray (webmaster) on 1/8/2023 9:46:10 AM:
I will look into why the mile markers are not appearing in the Trip Planner's CSV file. Meanwhile, another option is the "Towns & Services" web page, from the menu at the top of this page or this link: https://bikekatytrail.com/towns.aspx You'll see all towns listed with the services offered at each town, and a Mile Marker column in the middle. Happy trails!

deby from Dallas on 1/10/2023 6:08:33 AM:
Thank you Ray (Saint Ray!). I just want to say how very much we all appreciate your service by keeping this website up and running.