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Katy in spring or late summer

GreginRI from Wakefield, RI on 1/10/2023 11:04:51 AM:
Two retired seniors with a lot of miles and bike tours on our resume. We now ride an e-assist Bike Friday Twosday tandem. The Twosday is new as of 2021. We rode a BF family tandem from 2015-2021 and a full size Schwinn tandem for years before that. We're looking to do the Katy during 2023 and wonder if late summer (after Labor Day) would be better than fall. We prefer late summer as we tend to be in better cycling condition after a summer of riding but trail conditions appear to be an issue late in the year on the Katy, at least from some of the comments. We did Erie Canal in the spring of 2017 and found the crushed stone trail sections soft and challenging when wet. We would plan to ride east from Clinton. I would appreciate any thoughts.

Anonymous from Cody, Wyoming on 1/10/2023 2:42:46 PM:
We rode in mid-September but still had some 90 degree days. Each year will be a bit different, but late September through October should be good weather. The one drawback is that this is also Oktoberfest time, so camping spots and lodging choices can be limited.

Cathy from Churchill from Churchill, PA on 1/11/2023 12:34:59 AM:
I live in Churchill, PA now (outside of Pittsburgh), but used to live in Jefferson City, MO. I biked the Katy trail often. I think your plan to bike in late summer (after Labor Day) is good. Plan early, avoid Oktober Fest weekend (as another poster noted). The weather in September and early October is usually good for biking in Central MO. If you plan early and book your accommodations you should not have a problem. However, having said that, a few years ago rooms in the area around Columbia, MO tended to be booked up if MU was playing at home. So keep that in mind. As for biking in the spring, late May would be my preference. That way you can avoid any last frost situations. I tried biking the Katy in April one time. It was like biking on wet cement due to freezing and thawing. By late May that should be done.

Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 1/12/2023 1:31:50 PM:
Although you are welcome anytime Hartsburg in October will have approx 55,000 people running around our Pumpkin Festival. It's a fun time but some can't handle the mass of humanity. If it's too busy for you just ride on thru. Fall is a wonderful time in our area. Hope to see you then. Remember it's only the first full weekend in October.