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Reply to What is the average cost for tent camping on the Katy
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Timothy from Springfield Il. on 1/12/2023 4:35:19 PM:
Just kind of wanted to know before my ride on the trail thanks in advance

JH from Pacific, MO on 1/13/2023 6:20:38 AM:
Tent camping is inexpensive along the Katy. Free at the Clifton community center and city parks in Pilot Grove, Marthasville,Hartsburg and maybe others, The Turner Shelter in Tebbits asks for whatever you want to donate. Katy roundhouse campground is less than $10. A few years ago I rode from D.C. to St Louis and after paying $35 to camp in an Ohio SP and $54 to camp in a KOA I started to look for cheap motels instead. SP's in Indiana were $35/night for camping too. Katy camping is way affordable.

Captain Jon from Geneva, NY on 1/14/2023 5:02:42 AM:
Was looking up the addresses to get GPS cords for my ride this year. Should it be Clinton and not Clifton on the post of where to camp? Typo?

Jim from St. Thomas on 1/14/2023 10:24:07 AM:
Just to clarify - the cost to stay at the Turner Shelter in Tebbetts is $10 per person. Its not really set up for tent camping.

JH from Pacific, MO on 1/15/2023 6:15:19 AM:
Yes, Clinton not Clifton. Sorry about the mistake.