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Grammyof5 from Parkesburg, PA on 2/19/2023 2:03:15 PM:
Hi, I am hoping to some if not all of the Katy trail this summer or fall. I will be riding with 2 friends. All of us are hammock campers. As I've looked at YouTube videos, I have seen plenty of people tent camping at the city parks. But I have not seem many hammock campers. Has anyone hammock camped the Katy trail? Where did you find the places with trees to hang from? The city parks look very nice and open..... but trees to hang from? Not so much. What about the campgrounds along the way, are they hammock friendly? Thank you for any and all advice!

Bruce Laubach from Williamsburg, Virginia on 2/19/2023 7:25:47 PM:
Some of the towns have shelters and Gazebos You may be able to find a way to suspend your hammocks. But I found that where some of these are located, they are closer to the road, and you might have to contend with traffic at all times. Since the Katy trail easement is so narrow you might find yourself camping on private property.

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 2/20/2023 7:54:34 AM:
Nice hammock stands at Katy-Rock Junction in Windsor right across from the trail parking

Sam from New Melle, MO on 2/20/2023 9:11:52 AM:
My daughter and I rode the whole trail and camped legally (not on private property or on the easement) in our hammocks the whole way in 2021. We stayed in the following places:

Marthasville (hung hammocks from small dugout Gazebo in ball field)

Tebbetts (staying in the hostel there and had it to ourselves)

Pilot Grove (hung hammocks from gazebo in park)

There are several other parks along the trail that can accommodate hammocks. Have a great ride! You will love it.

Grammyof5 from Parkesburg, PA on 2/28/2023 12:00:24 PM:
Thanks for the input. Esp from Sam with the locations. That was so thoughtful.
I'll keep checking back to see other input as well, so keep the comments coming. I appreciate them!