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Lofton from Benton, Ky on 2/22/2023 10:57:00 AM:
I already contacted the shuttle service and they are full on the day I need to start. I would be willing to pay for a shuttle for me and my bike from Machens to Clinton on June 10th. Thank you.

Anon from Clinton, TN on 2/24/2023 10:54:49 AM:
You'll probably have to catch a shuttle from St Charles rather than Machens. There are multiple shuttle services. If one is full on your date, try calling another.

Lofton on 3/1/2023 10:43:16 AM:
I initially only saw the one service posted on this website but since found more. I'm solo and not paying $300 for just myself which seems to be the going rate whether its 1-3 people. My plan is just to YOYO it now and use that $$ to spoil myself with food and beer along the way.

Anonymous on 3/1/2023 2:14:21 PM:
Well it wouldn't have been a very fun trip without food and beer.

Jack on 3/1/2023 4:25:57 PM:
We rented a car at the St. Louis airport, drove it to drop our car off in St. Charles and then to Lee's Summit where we dropped it at a local outlet. It may not save much but is an idea if there is a drop in Clinton.

Deby from Dallas on 3/2/2023 6:18:37 AM:
Don't forget Amtrak. It wont do the whole half of the yoyo, but would do a good portion of it. It's really cool to ride the rails. Also very bike friendly.

Anon on 3/3/2023 1:57:51 PM:
Did you try Katy Bike Rental? 636-987-2600 https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/katybikerentalshuttle/items/?flow=883602&full-items=yes

Dave from Raleigh, NC on 3/14/2023 12:54:14 PM:
Lofton, I have shuttle reservations (to Clinton) through Bike Stop Cafe in St. Charles. I originally made them a few months ago, and I was the only one. The initial charge was $440 when it was just me, but others have signed up and the price is now $110. https://www.bikestopcafes.com/shuttles