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Parsons House B&B in Defiance

Anonymous on 3/9/2023 5:38:34 PM:
He had a very disappointing experience with our stay when we came through on the trail in October. The owner wasn't there for 90% of the time and his dogs were left in a kennel and they cried and peed all over making the house stink the whole time. No one to check us in and we had to make our own breakfast the morning we left because he had work since it was a Thursday. The house may have been great at one point, but it was run down and unkempt while we were there. The advertised hot tub wasn't running as we had hoped it would be for our aching muscles this close to the end of our trip but it wasn't mentioned when we booked or comped in the price either. Very informal and didn't feel very welcomed since owner wasn't there until well after dark (maybe 10-11) and left well before we did at 8ish.